Prof. Dr. med. Udo Vanhoefer

Services: Immune therapy including gentle surgery techniques of prostate, bladder, colon, breast and lung cancer as well as tumors of the head or throat. Chemotherapy, Radiation therapy and brachytherapy, Hematology, Diagnostics in our own laboratory, radiology and pathology, Pain therapy, Physical therapy, Psycho-oncological care. The Marienkrankenhaus is an initiator of the Hamburg Oncology Network. Interdisciplinary tumor conferences are held regularly in order to discuss findings and to determine further individual treatment. 

Contact: Chief physician’s office +49 40 / 25 46 – 25 02

Preventive Medicine/Cardiology

Prof. Dr. med. Andreas van de Loo

Services and preventive medical examination: Basic preventive medical examination, MRT coronary prevention, MRT stroke prevention, MRT vascular preventive examination, MRT preventive check-up for athletes, Athletic performance check-up, Preventive eye check, Preventive skin check. Diagnosis and therapy of cardiac disease.

Contact: Organization +49 40 / 25 46 – 25 51

Gynecology and Obstetrics 

MD Dr. Ahmed Farouk Abdel-Kawi (commissary management)

Services: Gynecological surgery, Endoskopy, Tumor treatment and reconstructive surgery, Incontinence Center. The Marienkrankenhaus is an active founding member of the Hamburg Breast Center.

Services: High-risk pregnancy management, Prenatal diagnostic and gynecological ultrasound, Perinatal center level 1 / neonatal intensive care unit.

Contact: Chief physician’s office +49 40 / 25 46 – 16 02


Prof. Dr. med. Wolfgang Kehrl

Services: Diseases of the nose and paranasel sinuses, Ear surgery, Thyroid surgery, Chochlear implants.

Contact: Chief physician’s office +49 40 / 25 46 – 23 02


Dr. med. Salvador Fernandez De la Maza

Services: Incontinence Center, Extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy (ESWL), Treatment of kidney and prostate diseases, Radical prostatectomy with hydrodissector (hydrojet technology) to protect nerves and vessels, Ureterorenoscopy (URS), Percutaneous renal surgery (PRS).

Contact: Chief physician’s office +49 40 / 25 46 – 24 02


Dr. med. Roman Feil

Services: Endoprosthetics including minimally invasive procedures, Foot and hand surgery, Spine Center, fractures, osteoporotic conditions, Cartilage replacement procedures (AMIC/ACT).

Contact: Chief physician’s office +49 40 / 25 46 – 15 02


Dr. med. Florian Lienau

Services: Strokes, Neurosonography, Head and facial pain, Neurological pain syndromes

Contact: Chief physician’s office +49 40 / 25 46 - 26 02


Prof. Dr. med. Christian Müller

Services: Tumor surgery (tumor surgery of the esophagus, the gastrointestinal tract, liver and pancreas), Thorax surgery, Vascular surgery, Minimally invasive surgery, Stoma surgery, Regular oncological tumor conferences.

Contact: Chief physician’s office +49 40 / 25 46 - 14 02