Competence and Compassion

The Marienkrankenhaus is the largest denominational hospital in Hamburg – a modern medical enterprise whose specialist departments offer an integrated range of services to more than over 90,000 patients every year.

The Marienkrankenhaus is a health care center operating on the principles of integration. Its clinics, centers and institutes are able to provide a complete scope of major medical services. Ranging from obstetrics, preventive medicine as well as postoperative in- and out-patient treatment to palliative care and a hospice, our patients receive integrated and comprehensive care. We offer the latest and most up-to-date, however thoroughly validated, methods of treatment – with oncology being a particular focus. With its emphasis on oncological surgery and the application of modern chemotherapy concepts as well as monoclonal antibodies, the hospital provides expert treatment to over 2,800 tumor patients every year.

The specialization as an Oncology Center creates the matrix for an intensive, interdisciplinary cooperation among the different departments and high standard treatment coordination. The cooperating departments include the Colon, Prostate, Breast, Head and Neck and Gynecological Cancer Center. It is this competence that has established the reputation of the Marienkrankenhaus as an outstanding authority – in Hamburg and beyond.

The nuns have been leading the way for over 140 years. Therefore, the principle of "care with heart and mind" represents one of our cornerstones at the Marienkrankenhaus. And it is our aim to hold on to it. Surveys have shown that the compassion and special attention experienced by patients at the Marienkrankenhaus is recognized and greatly valued by considerable parts of the population of Hamburg.